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Bitch Who Blogs - urban-dwelling, former party girl who is quite suddenly a mom without any mom clothes


I am a fatty on her way to healthy, a city-dweller who writes for entertainment and to pay for the privelage of living in one of the most overpriced urban, hipster locales on the planet. I am post-fertility battles, post home-study and in the thick of the madness of domestic adoption. My life is filled with fabulous fibers, fantastic friends, a husband (AKA: He Of Whom I Do Not Blog- HOWIDNB of just Mr. Bitch for short), two rescued cats and a Little Dog, and many unfinished knitting projects.

Back before the tsunami of tragic events, I painted, right now I am accidental business owner who revels in having time to not deal with crisis - so I spend what used to be my studio time chilling and working out. I am also a total bitch.

Update: Now I am a mom to a 3 month old pooping machine while living on a third story Victorian walk-up that blows fuses everytime I try to warm a bottle or make a piece of toast. Good times!!!


blogging, bitching, behaving badly and pondering the infinite nature of the time and space continuum. the bitch baby has landed - december 9th, 2006 we brought home a 3 month old little girl and in March 2008 her baby sister!!!