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August 19, 2007



I have a map of the walking paths of Berkeley. I'm sure you could figure out some running trails from it.

Of course, I am jealous as well. I have been told that I am built like a long distance runner (from folks who are serious runners) but I know that my lung capacity is better suited for sprints at this point.

And maybe if I took up running, I could finally drop those few pounds that I need to. And please do not say, "Where?" I know where they are and I try my best to camouflage them. Because they're in the area in which my family gains weight. I'm just in the early stages and would like to cut it off.


Empress... I would love to have you join me running.. we can always run intervals which would capture your sprinter's tendencies.... You are built like the ultimate runner- me not so much in terms, but its fun anyway.. and lung capacity is easily built...

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